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Stefani Longshamp

“Architecture is more than a business. Architecture is ART, It is our contribution to you, to the planet and to the future.”- Hisham Bahaa EL-Din.

We would enjoy sharing with you the joy we see in solving problems and creatively finding better ways to dwell in the inspiring art of architecture. We believe in minimalism as the key to our designs.

We work with people who really care about what they do. Whether it is our clients or our team of design professionals, it is important that we all care about the work and its place in the lives of those who use it, the environment in which it participates, and the communities it serves. We want to work with people who are interested in great architecture and enjoy the art of discovery and problem-solving.


In 2008, architect Hisham Bahaa EL-Din founded Ray Designs based in Cairo, Egypt, and has since earned national recognition as one of Cairo’s best design studios for their unique architecture ideas and exceptional quality. 

Architect Hisham Bahaa EL-Din graduated as the first of his class along the four years of study from one of the best-known universities of architecture design in Egypt which is Ain shams university, completed his post-graduate M.Sc studies in environmental design in 2014, and furthermore working on his Ph.D. in kinetic facades design.


Hisham Bahaa EL Din, 

Head designer, founder, and Visionaire. 


Max Reinert
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